The Five Elements

The Wood element represents the dynamic upward energy as seen in trees and living plants of all sorts. They burst to life in the springtime and can overcome great obstacles, as long as they are in harmony with Nature.

Fire manifests in the heat of the summer sun, and the ripening and maturing of all sorts of crops. It is also seen in the joy, love, humor, and heart connection that people share.

The Earth element is experienced most strongly at harvest time, when all the richness that Nature has provided is gathered in for our use and our nourishment. But it is present at all times helping to nourish and support us.

The Metal element provides structure and strength to living beings, and supports both breathing and the elimination of what is no longer needed. It gives us a spiritual connection and appreciation of the quality and value of our life experiences.

Water can be both strong and yielding, quiet and turbulent. It can nourish, relax, and cleanse us, and is vital for the survival of all life on Earth.

When someone is in balance, they have a healthy interplay of all the elements, each showing itself at the appropriate time and place for its necessary function. All the elements then work together, creating harmony within as well as healthy interactions with the outside world.